The GOP is showing us the way to our final resting place

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It is Saturday, February 13th, 2021. Today will be an historic day, for in a few hours, the Senate will vote in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, and once again, they will let him go.

Their inaction will empower him, embolden him to do the same if not worse should he ever lose an election again. And if not him, someone smarter than him will use what they learned from this experience and make the next attempt to overturn our democracy a successful one. Somewhere, someplace, someone is taking copious notes for their playbook.

There is so much wrong…

The “Party” may be over

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The events in the GOP during the last week have been agonizing to watch, regardless of your political affiliation. We have seen a party still trying to figure out who it really wants to be — Trumpist, old school Republican, extremist, or all things to all people.

We watched Mitch McConnell say that he thought Marjorie Taylor Greene’s espousing of “loony lies and conspiracy theories” was a “cancer for the Republican Party.” Remarkably, he spoke to us in code, because he refused to say her name. It reminded me of the character Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, who was…

Truth and fairness are no longer important

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The events of the last four years, and perhaps especially the last few months, have brought into focus how morally bankrupt we are becoming as a nation.

We listened to Trump lie incessantly, and to have his sycophants back him up. Some did it actively and others, by their passivity, were just as guilty.

But with each passing day, I ask myself if we have fallen so far down the rabbit hole that we may never recover.

Kevin McCarthy, former Republican House majority leader, stands in the well of the House and says that Trump bears responsibility for the coup…

And here are the reasons why

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The Capitol insurrection occurred almost 3 weeks ago. Today, the House delivered the article of impeachment to the Senate.

As the Romans used to say, “ Let the games begin!”

For the last several weeks we have seen lots of reports in the press about the possibility of the Senate convicting Trump. “Only” 17 Republican Senators would need to vote to convict. That may not seem like much, but remember how many House Republicans voted to impeach- about 10 out of almost 207. So let’s be honest, it is unlikely to happen.

Here are some reasons why:

1. There will be a fight as to whether it is constitutional or not

Team Trump and…

8 steps Donald Trump used to bring America to the precipice

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I always questioned how, throughout history, people followed leaders who were flawed and evil individuals and committed atrocities in their names.

The events of the last week, or should I say the last four years, have now made it crystal clear to me as to how that could have occurred.

Donald Trump, master puppeteer, has been able to manipulate the masses with words. His playbook, not unlike that of history’s other demagogues, is eerily familiar.

So how did Trump do it?

1. Make people afraid…of everything.

Over the years Trump has instilled a sense of fear in his followers, over almost every topic you can…

If you are, listen up because I have an idea.

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By now you have all seen calls for unity from members of the GOP, as well as others regardless of political affiliation. As Lauren Elizabeth wrote in her article titled “Suddenly the GOP Wants Unity “ (in Dialogue and Discourse on Medium), Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is one of those proponents.

Full disclosure- I am not a Jim Jordan fanboy. I find his style to be, in a word, obnoxious. Someone needs to tell him he is in Congress now- so respect the office and dress like it. Tighten up your tie, keep your sleeves buttoned around your wrists and…

The lessons were painful, but you can’t deny them

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It’s been four long years. There has been an endless litany of news bytes, tweets, lies, and other assaults on our senses. I don’t know about you, but I think I may have “Trump Fatigue”.

You have to admit, he wears you down like a petulant child that has never been punished.

If you think about it, we have learned some lessons from all of the antics that Trump and his supporters have unleashed on us.

Let’s take a look:

1. The founding fathers were not the all-knowing geniuses we make them out to be.

It has always intrigued me that we think and act like the founding fathers had the ability to see the…

Trumps Disinformation Campaign Has Gone Too Far, Too Long

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Ok, so no matter what side you’re on, one thing you can’t deny. Donnie is a liar. A bad one at that, because he will look you in the eye and lie to your face, knowing that you are completely aware that he is lying.

He really doesn’t care if you know or not.

I mean, come on, if your kid lied like this you would put them in time out forever or seek counseling of some kind for them- and you.

No amount of ‘splainin’…

But you aren’t listening.

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As we head into the presidential elections, you have to scratch your head and wonder what Trump’s strategy is; I mean what is it, REALLY.

That his administration has botched, horribly, the response to the coronavirus is a foregone conclusion. I know, I know, he shut down people coming from China earlier in the year. And forgot to lock the back door as infected people were pouring into the US from Europe.

So, he continues to rail against the doctors who try to approach this from a public health perspective instead of an…

George Floyd is dead, the protests have started but where are the reforms?

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Talking to a friend who is a retired policeman and discussing George Floyd’s murder, I asked why did it take so long to arrest Derek Chauvin and his comrades?

“Policeman’s Bill of Rights,” he said.

The what? At first I thought he was kidding, but I looked it up.

The Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights (LEOBR) provides additional rights to law enforcement officers that other citizens don’t get. Radley Balko did a fine article on this in the Washington Post in 2015


Essentially it is a road map for the fox guarding the hen house. Some examples…

Kenneth Burke, M.D.

Husband & Dad. Physician, Author

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